Janet Black Fine Art
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These works in Figurative Collage cover a wide range of subjects. They are categorized into galleries by subject matter. Each gallery will show you a collection of recent work in a simple slide show. Click on the gallery you wish to see, and the slide show will automatically begin.

Brief Overview of the Galleries

Gallery 1: Animals
I am entranced by the life I see in the wild and semi-wild faces of animals. You'll notice a certain partiality to friends of the feline persuasion, but I am also drawn to the wildness in many other residents of the natural world.

Gallery 2: Portraits
Most of the portraits I have done are the result of commissions. This gallery shows people, although some of my favorite subjects have been beloved pets.

Gallery 3: Figures
The human body is one of the oldest objects portrayed in art. I find myself more and more drawn to iconic female images, symbolizing a deeper and broader representation of the feminine, whether they be of the culture I grew up in, or reaching to me from the other side of the globe.

Gallery 4: 3D and more
Using special techniques to apply collage to 3D objects has been rewarding as well, especially in the treasure boxes represented here. I appreciate the concept of "functional art", that goes beyond decorative to useful.

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